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Jun 14, 2013

To Richard Dawwkins
Dear Prof Dawkins,

I have been meaning to write for some years expressing my admiration of your intelligent work and drive to open up a beam of light into our current world of dark superstition.

I became an antitheist which was a side move from atheist after watching Dr Jonathan Miller on TV explaining his meaning of the word and why he thought religion was so evil.

Mandela fought quite rightly against 6 million whites who still thought they had a right to suppress a people via colour. Gandhi took on the British Empire for his wish to be ruled by his own native people. Many other great people from history have bravely taken on insurmountable challenges to be speak a truth. However, no one has taken on the illogical and damaging religious beliefs of billions. You stand alone in that gigantic task and that is brave beyond all others that have gone before.

You are a man of this new world and your tsunami of truth cannot be stopped by delusion simply because your scientific explanations are a truth but you do allow for adjustment through more scientific exploration of what has gone before.
Colin Tennant

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