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Jun 14, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,
I feel compelled to write this letter, Mr. Dawkins, because I admire you. I come from a family of very devout Christians and I have denounced any faith that I have felt. I would claim to be atheistic. I have done this recently at the age of 14 which, frankly, is unheard of in the deep south of the United States. Or at least my section of it.

I have heard about you and first began to hold you in high regard when I became aware of all the things that you have done for the public. You are an inspiration. You believe that all humans are created equally and that is something that nobody really challenges. You wish to go further–you wish to help the minority–to make a world where persecution is something of the past. That is what I truly glorify you for. You felt the need to express your thinking across the world; not just at home or in your community. You wanted to try and help the world and that, in itself, is commendable.


N. Proctor

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