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Jun 14, 2013

My name is Ceara Collins. I am a Diagnostic Radiographer from Australia.
I was raised a Catholic, studying at Catholic Schools all my life.
I always thought the stories we were told were questionable but when you are not exposed to other information, you just tend to believe.
When I got to higher education, the prospect of evolution was introduced in Biology classes.
Which made me start to question, with an answer in return.
I became Agnostic throughout University.
I was diagnosed with a severe scoliosis of my lumbar spine at age 24. I found it myself on a night shift at work.
My world was in turmoil. I thought “if there were a God, how could he make someone’s spine so twisted….just because…”
Until I picked up a copy of “The God Delusion”.
I found comfort in your words. Finally my confusion and scepticism were clearly answered and I’ll be forever grateful for your work.
My interest in the sciences has shown me that my illness is purely just a genetic mutation that’s occurred along the way during evolution, and I can finally deal with it like an informed adult, not a confused child who believed in a fake floating bearded man in the sky.
You are an inspiration for generations, and religion will stop in my family at me.
The awe I have for science now has exponentially increased, and my children will be reading “The Magic Of Reality” as soon as they can.
Thanks again for clarity in my life!
You’re a legend.
Cheers, Ceara.

Ceara Collins

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