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Jun 14, 2013

Dear Dr. Richard Dawkins,

I was raised as a Muslim in Egypt. Since i was 8 years old, i had too many questions
like why i’m not born christian?, or why the pagans should have believed Muhammad
and accepted his message without enough evidence? and many other questions, but i was told that these questions in my head are the work of the devil. Then i considered myself very lucky to be brought up as a Muslim.

I had a very strong faith in the Islamic religion until i was 21, after that i had access to a stable internet connection, i did a lot of research on the existence of god and religion in general. I found that the Quran and Hadith had many flaws, i grew up believing that the Quran is perfect and all the other religions scripture were altered by humans and that’s why they are wrong.

At the beginning it was very hard convince myself that religion is made up, but with time it was much harder to convince my self that religion is real and was sent from god. It was very confusing.

From a few months, i took the religion issue more seriously, and started reading your book “The God Delusion” and watched lots of videos about this issue. Then i came to the conclusion that all religions are made up.

Also, i had some issues from where we should get our moralities if we gave up religion.
After reading you work and some time to think about it, i found out that religion has nothing
to do with morals, i think what mostly affects people morals, is how they are raised and the environment they grew up in.

Thank you for your efforts and for giving me an opportunity to think more freely.

Best Regards,

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