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Jun 11, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,
I am a professor of history. I am an atheist and I could never have been happier.

I spent much of my life struggling with the issue of faith. I was only honest with myself when evidence for life without the supernatural was before me. Even as a historian, a discipline founded on research and evidence, I continued to live a lie. Why? Well, I realized that my faith was not rooted in a god or gods but the desire to be with my loved ones after death. Any alternative was too painful to accept.

What changed? I could no longer ignore evidence for evolution through natural selection. I could no longer act as an apologist for faith. I needed to let go of my fear of death. I found support, wonder, and liberation through the works of Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, and Carl Sagan. The universe opened up before me. I was in awe of its wonder of life’s explanation for existence and humanity’s place in the cosmos.

I gained comfort and excitement that my loved ones, myself, and humanity have a much more exciting future. We are part of the cycle of life on this planet and one day after our own star explodes… will again become the building blocks for new life in some other part of the universe.

I now have a new peace and new excitement for life. I know present the factual evidence for evolution through natural selection in my history classes and spend considerable time on its impact on civilization.

Life is so much more beautiful and meaningful without the supernatural. Thank you Dr. Dawkins most of all. You are an inspiration and wonderful human being.
Adam R. Raven

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