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Jun 11, 2013

Greeting Mr. Dawkins
Mr. Dawkins, I’m an high school student and been an atheist for over six months now after several unfortunate events happen in my life as well as seeing with my own eyes of why religions is dangerous for those who are mentally unstable. I used to question a lot of catholic teaching as a child and even though it would be often times oppress, my curiosity never died. I started reading books on bloody history of what religions has done in the name of a imaginary sadist creator(s). Included my own upbringing of the Catholic church, the Crusade, Dark Age, witchhunts, child sexual abuse scandals, ect. So that’s how I came to be an atheist. And this weekend, I finally decided to check out your book Mr. Dawkins at my local public library, “The God Delusion” and though I did needed a dictionary to understand some of the advance words you written in it, it’s like a breath of fresh air reading your book that challenge the case for God arguments, non religious reasons why some people still stay in religion of their parents, and biology of religions since early man. Thank you for speaking the truth Mr. Dawkins and never back down for progress of humanity.
Ex Catholic girl.

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