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Jun 10, 2013

atheist tv station
Dear Professor Dawkins.
I have read your books and seen and listened to a lot of your talks. The secular, rational thinking atheist visibility movement makes a lot of sense to rational people like myself. However, i strongly believe that we need to take the next big step if we want to get the message to the majority of people. I mean the kinds of people who are non- believers but still go along with thinking that religions make the world a more moral place. Those people who dont know about or visit your website or will not because they believe the false hype about ‘militant’ secularism / atheism etc. You need to get a tv channel or at least a slot on one of the many cable and sattelite tv stations here in the uk. You say you get a million hits a month. You can show your own documentaries to millions of followers and reach millions of new people with the excellent videos of Sean Faircloth and Dr Elizabeth cornwall. You can allow other video producers or youtubers like, James randi,, etc, to get their shows broadcast to millions of people. On sky tv there are over 20 christian god channels constantly pertetuating the delusion, over 20 islam channels, phsychic tv channels, etc.

I believe that Just one rational tv station is all it will take to tip the scales and wake people up. You can publicise the plight of victims of religious laws. You can expose and debunk religious charlatans and fraudsters You can televise and broadcast your next tour. You can have atheist conventions from around the world televised and broadcast to millions You can help advertise camp quest and other secular and / or science organisations. You can broadcast your many excellent documentaries such as ‘the root of all evil’ and ‘faith school menace’ and any future ones in the making. You can broadcast your many atheist v theist debates and others by Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and the late Christopher Hitchens etc. You can publicise Maryam Namazie’s excellent ‘one law for all’ campaign and the council of ex muslims. You can rent out hourly slots and make money fundraising. You can advertise the station here on your website and maybe even include a program guide.

Please let me know what you think.

The topics you cover on thiw website need to be heard by as many people as possible so they can understand what is going on and why you do what you do.

There is a saying that Atheists have won the Internet, but the message is not getting out because the media still rule the airwaves. You need to take the next logical step and get on tv. You could collaborate with other atheist websites, producers and atheist celebrities to help fund it. Information tv could get you your very own channel number where you could rent out slots to the many atheist producers on YouTube and make money in the process. There are tons of archive atheist material online that could be shown 24 hours a day. You could take the lead and start something unstoppable. Professional atheist producers and youtubers would love to have their material shown on tv to an audience of potentially millions. There is not one atheist or secular humanist tv channel on the airwaves anywhere in the world. This is so overdue and 2013 should be the year we start one. We had the reason rally last year, lets get it done and start an atheist channel on tv this year! If the media don’t like it and try to ban it, this would only add to its publicity causing more people to watch and increase the spread of rational ideas, critical thinking, and awareness of the harm of irrational beliefs.

In America, this can be done for free. People can download an hour of atheist video from Youtube, burn it to DVD, then send it to your local public access tv station for broadcast. If the stations all over america start broadcasting atheist material from New York to Los Angeles, this will make a huge impact in quickly raising the consciousness of the whole nation.

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