Greetings Prof. Dawkins, Good, Thu, Jun 27 2013 #(2060)

Jun 27, 2013

Hello Prof. Dawkins,
I come from a traditional Protestant Christian family from India. Growing up, I was constantly fed information from the Bible along with the assertion that it was the absolute unquestionable truth about everything. However, I was fortunate enough to go to good schools and get a good education. I developed a deep passion for Science in general (not so much biology though, i must admit). From being an unsuspecting believer as a kid, to a confused and questioning teenager, to a young adult who was on the fence of agnosticism, I have had these different phases in life so far. But then after I got introduced to Christopher Hitchens’ books and videos and also to your unforgiving Vulcan logic, which i greatly admire and respect, i have become an atheist. A 6.9 on the 7 scale just like you.

I thank you and admire you for what seems like an infinite capacity for patience while debating opponents who in my opinion do not deserve to be on the same dais as you, opponents that talk utter balderdash and ask nonsensical questions to someone of your intellect and reputation. Wendy Wright immediately comes to mind amongst numerous other examples. I also thank you for being such a guiding influence around the world, to whom we youngsters can always look up to.

I know you get a lot of hate mail so I thought i’d write to you as there are much more people like myself who are big fans of yours and more in number than mindless haters. I wish you great health and great success in the coming years and I surely hope to have the pleasure of meeting you someday.

Best Regards,

Neil Jason Kunder.

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