I am unable to become christian, Good, Tue, Jun 11 2013 #(2008)

Jun 11, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,
I have grown up in the Soviet Union and did not ever thought about God, just because I had more interesting things to occupy my mind with – this state favored education in sciences (except genetics) so there were plenty of good books for general public and excellent TV programs (better than most of the “Discovery” stuff). But then Soviet Union fell into pieces and suddenly being an atheist became almost treason against Republic of Latvia – luckily not yet officially. So, having repeatedly heard that I am communist bitch that should be fucked until she (me) turns into a decent citizen, I decided to reconsider my attitude towards believing in God. Just in case I have remained atheist out of spite.
So, what can I gain from believing in Christ (I do not know much about other religions)? Firstly, I could establish good relations with many people. Yet I am not obliged to be nice to everyone and nobody will suffer from me speaking openly, except maybe terminally ill persons. But then I can always choose other topics to discuss.
Then comes the Christianity-type consolation. You see, I have Cowden’s disease that may kill me because of undernourished healthcare system. However, I feel more positive about the attitude of Science that, of course, cancer syndrome is not good, yet such things happen, because DNA is very long and replication typos do take place. And after all there are many treatment which are constantly getting better.
And as to the making the life more colorful- well I do not think mine is really miserable. After all I have had a true revelation, better than anything described by Christians, only it was brought about by the Science. It happened 30 years ago, when I was 9 years old and both my parents and sister went down with salmonellosis. I was also infected, yet did not develop even a decent diarrhea. However unlike the others I did not recover on my own and had to go through two courses of antibiotics and a whole month away from school. Naturally I demanded my Mom to explain the difference and she gave me a book entitled “New Immunology”, meant for general public. I read it and read until I realized that human body is an interesting thing and if I have questions, there are different ways to get answers. And after many years this saved my life, because, having found in my MRI results an unknown term “cavernous malformation” I first looked it up in the internet where I learned that many congenital diseases have onset many years after the birth, Taking in account this and my health problems I decided that I need to speak with geneticist. She diagnosed me with Cowden’s disease, issued an opinion and, having read about theoretical risks, I went straight to Gynecologist and demanded a decent examination. They found a Stage I Uterine adenocarcinoma. If I had listened to the assurances that I was too young to have anything serious, then who knows …?
And after all the sacral text are completed. Finished. Of course is possible that somebody will come up with explanation of some ambiguous place, but, being a philologist, I can always do it myself. My professors had high regard for my ability to create different interpretations of a text. Boring. Nothing like the Science. Of course it may happen that scientists may come up with facts that revoke previous theories, but it is no reason to change my affiliation.
I only regret that science has almost lost its popularity, at least judging from the books and press articles. I would like to translate “Bad Science” or yours “The Anchestor’s Tale”, but I cannot imagine that publishing house supplying people with ideas about pH wonders or cow milk causing osteoporosis will ever print them. And the smaller printing houses are struggling.
Ieva Zagante

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