Mob Attacks Afghan Doctor and Female Patient


A mob attacked an Afghan medical doctor and his female patient, stoning the doctor after the two were discovered in his private examining room without a chaperon, Afghan officials said on Thursday.

There were conflicting accounts that the doctor had been killed or that he had been severely injured and sent out of Afghanistan for treatment. The woman was initially feared missing, but was later reported to be at a women’s shelter, according to an official there.

The attack took place in Sar-i-Pul, a government-held town in the northern province of the same name, on Tuesday, but news was slow to leak out and officials initially denied that anyone had been hurt.

The provincial police chief, Abdul Raouf Taj, said that local villagers and shopkeepers stormed the private clinic when they heard that the doctor, Ajmeer Hashimi, was treating a patient, a midwife named Mahboba, alone in his examining room.

In many parts of Afghanistan, particularly in remote areas, women are customarily not allowed to be examined by male doctors except in the presence of close male family members as their chaperons. Stoning is the punishment for adultery under Shariah law, and many Afghan clerics approve of it, although it is officially outlawed here.

Written By: Rod Nordland
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  1. What is there to say? It’s sad that there are still so many humans in this planet without education.

  2. Fucking primitive and yet we have allowed islam and sharia into the uk and this is what we will get when muslims outbreed us. The madrasahs are a weapon of islamic fundamentalism.

  3. “…it’s all because of old traditions and a low level of education,” Chief Taj said.

    Make that RELIGIOUS traditions, Chief.

  4. I’m not sure this is really all down to religion. I think the ‘can’t do this becasue it is forbidden type religious excuse’ is a means end adjustment to try and justify the irrational but evolutionary fitness issue of whose carrying whose genes. It is more to do with the concept of females as property and the fragile male ego that thinks every other male is a procreative threat. Religions are pre-occupied with sexuality, morals and property rights but its hard to see why a god if it existed would or should be interested.

  5. Having to visit the doctor with the husband, who often is some guy they’ve been forced to marry, doesn’t make it easy for the women to talk about personal medical issues with the doctor. It probably leads to many medical issues being missed and/or ignored, and subsequently lowers these women’s quality of life even further.

  6. Hey Mujib, apparently I cut myself badly while scrambling for stones to throw at that adulterous doctor. And knowing my diabetic situation, this ain’t good. So I’m heading off to the doctor to get it checked out.


    (sound of crickets…)

  7. These sad, deluded fools are actually living in a real life Monty Python sketch, how incredibly dire… 🙁

  8. Just a bunch of insecure males.

    Does anybody know why my username shows like this?

  9. In reply to #8 by paulifa1:

    These sad, deluded fools are actually living in a real life Monty Python sketch, how incredibly dire… 🙁

    Well, he did say Jehovah.


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