Myanmar Muslims shelter in monastery after Buddhist attacks destroy homes, leave 1 dead


More than 1,000 Muslims who fled Myanmar’s latest bout of sectarian violence huddled Thursday in a Buddhist monastery guarded by army soldiers as calm returned to this northeastern city, though burnt out buildings leveled by Buddhist rioters still smoldered.

The army transported terrified Muslim families by the truckload out of a neighborhood in Lashio where overturned cars and motorcycles that had been charred a day earlier left black scars on the red earth.

“We heard things could get worse, so we waved down soldiers and asked them for help,” said 59-year-old Khin Than, who arrived at the monastery Thursday morning with her four children and sacks of luggage along with several hundred other Muslims. “We left because we’re afraid of being attacked.”

The violence in Lashio this week highlights how anti-Muslim unrest has slowly spread across Myanmar since starting last year in western Rakhine state and hitting the central city of Meikhtila in March. President Thein Sein’s government, which inherited power from the military two years ago, has been heavily criticized for failing to contain the violence.

In Lashio on Thursday, Buddhist monks organized meals for the newly arrived refugees, who huddled together in several buildings in the monastery compound.

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  1. Anyone want to place bets on whether these muslims will be thanking Allah for providing these nice heathan temples for them to shelter in, and food for them to eat? As opposed to thanking the heathens who actuallt live there, and the government soldiers guarding them.

  2. “The rioting began Tuesday after a Muslim man splashed gasoline on a Buddhist woman and set her on fire.”

    There you go.

  3. Buddhists are usually very tolerant people if not thee most tolerant, but if a muslim man who is a minority in your country, sets a buddhist woman on fire, thats gonna make a lot of buddhists angry, just like what happened to the soldier beheaded in britain, these attackers are criminal murderers and there is no reason for their crimes, but its just wrong to attack inocent law abiding people for the crimes of insane criminals….

  4. Islam is stealthily encroaching everywhere driven on by the evil immams, mullahs and other assorted murderous verminous oil financed louts. In some places the locals are making a stand while they can before they are outbred and squeezed out. Those with huge unearned wealth, solely founded on sale of finite supplies of fossil fuels to the world, are doing their best the undermine and overun western civilisation before they are plunged back into scratching a primitive living. Islam – oil funded global mayhem, murder, hatred, divisiveness, intolerance, self loathing, masochistic, mysogenistic, blight on the civilised rational world.

  5. Nothing out of the ordinary, setting fire to a buddhist woman. After all muslims have a reputation for very grievous assaults on muslim women, acid is the weapon of choice for summary reprisals against women who do not do as they are told and dishonour their families. If they can get a sharia court order then battering them to death with rocks is permitted. Nothing at all to do with islam though which as we are frequently told is peaceful.

  6. So many edifying comments on this thread already. Makes you proud to be an atheist. Ethnic cleansing gets such a bad press these days. You even get films about it, Schindler’s List, Hotel Rwanda etc. It’s nice to see the other side of the argument get a look in. You go, Buddhists. The ninety-six percent is finally standing up to their Muslim overlords. Give me an e, give me a t, give me an h…

    In reply to #2 by ANTIcarrot:

    Yeah, either that or they’re just grateful to be alive.

    In reply to #3 by Fouad Boussetta:

    There you go what? A single incident whose veracity hasn’t even been established is reason enough for you to write off this pogrom?

    I seem to recall your getting a few chuckles on a related thread, this one about Rohingya Muslims drowning as they tried to escape their persecutors, here and here.

  7. In reply to #3 by Fouad Boussetta:

    “The rioting began Tuesday after a Muslim man splashed gasoline on a Buddhist woman and set her on fire.”

    There you go.

    Not so. Pogroms are bad. Many suffer for one’s acts (or no one’s acts). It’s just wrong. On this very sad occasion, I would like to remind you that civilized societies don’t behave like this: Britain, US, Israel…

  8. Good to see these soldiers actually doing their jobs for a change. Would have preferred it if they did it somewhere other than a church though.

  9. i’ve hear that “myanmar” is what the rulers of the country call it but that the man in the street calls it “burma”. does anybody know anything about this?

  10. Why is this news article posted here?

    I can only assume that it is to prove one bunch of vigilanty mobs is as bad as the next, regardless of what group they think they belong to. Surely it is not to applaud violence against muslims in general, surely.

    Hang down your heads in shame if you think that any muslim deserves this as punishment for a crime committed by another.

  11. I will digress a bit.

    Here in Canada, we don’t have as many and as serious problems as they do in Europe. But we are getting really nervous about the predatory nature of Islam. This despite our efforts not to be prejudiced. In Quebec especially, we are unbelievably liberal. Maybe a bit too much? But the elephant is really in the room, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore it.

    That’s why we atheists, humanists and skeptics were so numerous this last Tuesday evening to listen to father Henri Boulad, a very learned 82 year old jesuit priest from Alexandria (Egypt). He came to talk about his life experience. And also to warn us.

    Father Boulad is a “Christian humanist”, which means that while he’s a big fan of Jesus, he pretty much shares our values.
    The conference (in French) was organized by Centre For Inquiry Canada, in the locals of the Centre Humaniste du Quebec: link.

    CFI Canada is a branch of the Council for Secular Humanism.

    If Islam wasn’t uniquely problematic, I would not be getting out of my way in order to listen to a Catholic priest, trust me. 😉

  12. In reply to #10 by Net:

    i’ve hear that “myanmar” is what the rulers of the country call it but that the man in the street calls it “burma”. does anybody know anything about this?

  13. According to Wikipedia:

    “The Mujahid party was founded by Rohingya elders who supported a Jihad movement in northern Arakan in 1947. The aim of the Mujahid party was to create an autonomous Muslim state in Arakan. […] The Burmese mujahideen (Islamic militants) are still active within the remote areas of Arakan. The associations of Burmese mujahideen with Bangladeshi mujahideen were significant, and they have extended their networks to the international level and other countries, during recent years. They collect donations, and receive religious military training outside of Burma.”

    Could this be of some relevance to what’s happening?

  14. In reply to #10 by Net:

    i’ve hear that “myanmar” is what the rulers of the country call it but that the man in the street calls it “burma”. does anybody know anything about this?

    I saw a great, recent documentary about Burma, entitled “They call it Myanmar”. It’s available on Netflix. Critics gave it 100% and the audience 76% on It’s very interesting. I highly recommend it.

  15. In reply to #16 by The Grapes of Roth:

    I’m afraid it will have to be the Daily Mail, but apparently Venerable Ashin Wirathu, leader of the far right Buddhist 969 group, draws some inspiration from the EDL. They will be so proud.

    “The Venerable Ashin Wirathu, who was jailed for nine years in 2003 for inciting anti-Muslim violence, says the hardline nationalist party should be applauded for ‘not carrying out violence, but protecting the public’.”

    The Venerable Boob needs to to educate himself if he thinks the beautiful boys of the EDL are non-violent. Youtube begs to differ.

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