Petition: Working moms are ruining America?!


What do Lou Dobbs and Fox think is the biggest threat facing our society? Working moms.

On Wednesday, an all-male panel on Dobbs' Fox Business show were in hysterics that a record number of women are the primary breadwinners in their home. They cried that having women as primary breadwinners is “bad for kids, bad for marriage”, “catastrophic”, and will “undermine our social order.” One panelist, Erick Erickson, even said that "science" dictates that men are dominant over women.

Earth to Dobbs: This is not Leave It to Beaver. Working is a fact of life for most women, just like it is for most men. And earning a good income is vital to our families' survival.

We can't let Fox and Dobbs get away with this degrading, ignorant, anti-woman rhetoric on television.  If we all speak out, we can make sure Dobbs and his all-male panel are held accountable. Will you sign the petition demanding Fox fire Lou Dobbs, Erick Erickson, and Juan Williams?

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  1. ” One panelist, Erick Erickson, even said that “science” dictates that men are dominant over women. “

    Men MAY be dominant over women but I don’t think science dictated this. Erickson is an idiot who confuses ultimate and proximate evolutionary/societal forces and makes the naturalistic fallacy here, but I will not sign this petition as such ranting may deserve censure at most. Firing? Probable not and Fox is not going to fire these people anyway.

  2. Sad men, very sad men!

    Men? What am I saying? Little boys more like.


  3. If we fire them, wouldn’t their wives have to get jobs?

    Oh the humanity!

    Guess I’ll just slink off and stop making medicine, not like I want my son to grow up loving science or anything

  4. If these people had said the biggest problem facing America is Jews working or blacks working there would be firing going on. Now, if they said it was atheists working… nothing but crickets. Equality means it is not ok for them to say any group of people shouldn’t be working. Every person, male or female, is responsible for their own way, that means they need to work.

  5. In reply to #2 by Neodarwinian:

    ” One panelist, Erick Erickson, even said that “science” dictates that men are dominant over women. “

    Men MAY be dominant over women but I don’t think science dictated this. …

    Yes, I admit, men can physically dominate me. Science can prove this. Science has also shown that women have abilities such as intelligence, organizational abilities, social skills, etc. Duh! Yet, these men overlook skills and abilities that women seem to excel at. Many of this skills and abilities transfer quiet nicely into the workplace. I bet their wives plan and organize their lives, handle multiple tasks from big down to the littlest details, maybe even deal with the household budget. Women are used to be doers and life jugglers; strange that these men cannot see what is so obvious.

  6. Fox is an evil organisation, that usually manages to stay within the bounds of acceptability, while masking a vile subtext and hidden agenda. It is good that occasionally its gullible viewers can see the mask slip so blatently, and reveal what Fox is really about.

    Couldn’t sign the petition as you need a Yankee zip code, bud.

  7. Are you sure this was not one of those “50 years ago” retrospectives? Dobbs is second string. Every once in a while he makes a bid for the limelight by saying something more Bill O’Reilly than Bill O’Reilly would say in public.

  8. I just heard of this… as I scratch my head with complete bewilderment. Seriously?
    As a woman, I have been fortunate in that I have always been able to stand my ground with men. I grew up as a tom boy. I have always been the worse homemaker ever. In fact, I am absolutely positive that these men whom made these claims would beg me to work outside of the home just to get me out!!! I recently turned 51 and just last year was able to pick-up (8) 24 foot poles, which were dropped into holes that I dug myself. All by myself!!! No male needed. I than proceeded to build a two stall mini barn. Again, all by myself. Sure I was sore. But, I did it 🙂 Never underestimate a woman!

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