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Jun 14, 2013

I`m an atheist and I recently got into a discussion with my mother about it. She accepts evolution and all of that, and probably would be atheist too if it were not for her so called “spiritual experiences”.
The night that one of my relations was killed in an accident (he was only two). A knock on her upstairs bedroom window woke both her and my dad up. It wouldn`t stop knocking and she said it was louder than any hand could do. When my dad opened it , there was nothing there. She found out what happened the next morning.Also, i went to medjugorje(never went to church there or anything, it was a free holiday as far as i was concerned) with a youth group . Nothing there astounded me apart from a statue that seeped water.(supposed to be tears of christ) Now, i figure that since the statue is black , it attracts water vapour from nearby sprinklers and condensed on the shiny whity bit behind the knee. Any help would be appreciated since i want to put this issue to rest. Also, just wondering how the seven visionaries at medjugorje claimed they saw mary. I think either they`re, crazy, lying or poisoned from something .

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