Thank You, Converts, Fri, Jun 14 2013 #(2039)

Jun 14, 2013

Dear Professor Richard Dawkins.
I was a flying horse believer, But now I am an Atheist, It all started when I failed in my first IELTS exam, So I took a course with foreign teacher and he was a very good man in fact he was way too polite, And in the last class I accidentally know that he was an atheist. So I wondered how could for a man like him to have any morals at all, Then I was introduced to evolution, But this time not as a joke like usual and before I wiped out the devil’s idea and while I was practicing my English listing skills on Al Jazeera English (the stream). I saw Professor Richard Dawkins he made me wonder again, so I asked Google and YouTube, Professor Richard Dawkins were there again and you made things clear to me, no more flying horse believing no more believing without evidence.I used to fear hell now I fear getting caught or executed,I still have to act as a believer, But at least my mind is free, I used to dream in haven now I dream in a better future, Thank you Professor Richard Dawkins for your debates, lecture and movies, You and the others have shown me the truth, Please for a better future keep doing what are you doing.

Regard’s Reasonable man

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