Thank You from India, Good, Tue, Jun 11 2013 #(2043)

Jun 11, 2013

Dear Richard
I am not sure if you realize how many lives you have touched and changed for the better through your lifelong work. I am one of them, and hence i wanted to thank you.

Born to a Catholic family, I went through my fair share of brainwashing through Sunday school, bible classes and retreats, programming me to know that my God was the only God, and that all other Gods just did not exist. The extreme catholic cult i belonged to also boasts to offer prayers in the same aramaic dialect that Jesus himself spoke. I always wondered how they knew this 😐

Although, I never believed in most of the nonsense I was thought, i never dared to speak out to anyone about my non belief. i would always “pass” when it came to my opinion on the “BOSS”. Your books, have given me the courage to speak out, challenge these irrational beliefs and helped me come out as an Atheist. I can never thank you enough for this.

This change however, has not been painless. I was always labeled as the black sheep of the family, but this transition has strained all my relationships and though my near and dear ones still love me, and “pray for me” relentlessly, i can always feel the tension when we get together during vacation and family reunions. Friendships have also taken lots of hits. However, this transition has also made me a stronger person, and i hope a better person as well.

I urge you to continue your noble quest, to get rid of this cancer that has scarred and disfigured our society, and wish you and your colleagues all the very best in all of your future endeavors. Let the good news spread to all corners of the world, the good news that- Religion is man-made and MANmade too, fashioned with the sole purpose to create and maintain dominion over women of all tribes and men of the wrong tribe.
Alex Mathews

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