Thank You very much Dear Mr. Dawkins, Good, Tue, Jun 11 2013 #(2017)

Jun 11, 2013

Dear my friend
I’m Jari from Finland, from Helsinki (sink in hell in Helsinki, Patty Smith in Helsinki year 1976).

Thank you very very much for all your great work that you have done. I’m a marginalized fellow. I believe in no Gods, but I have noticed, that me , who I’m going to be a marginalized fellow for ever more, in this land, namely Finland, which is, some say, pretty much like England, although at a much more smaller scale.

Please delete all my accounts from RDFS, Pertjar, and Jarpert, for all your own Good. I won’t be here any more, although I thank You very very much.

Yours sincerely,

Pertjar and Japert

I’ll always love you!

Yours sincerely



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