Ugly situation, Good, Fri, Jun 14 2013 #(2049)

Jun 14, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkings
I’ve been an admirer of your work since graduation. I live in Brazil, a country with a lot of poverty and sadly, the evangelical churches like Universal church are taking control of the great masses. And worse, it’s not enough to take 10% of these people incomings, they’re taking the votes and getting important political positions. This is making our country change it’s laws like proposing the “gay cure” or trying to forbid the homoaffective mariage. They’re also trying to make the afro descendant’s to feel inferior and forbid abortion in rape and life risking situations. We have one of this evangelical persons at the head of Human Rights Comittee! Things are starting to get uglier and uglier around here because of religion. Brazil was supposed to be a secular state but we have a lot of laws based on religion and if this influence of the evangelical church keep up, the situation will get worse. We need help, our politicians are corrupt and these churches are an easy way to steal and laundry money.

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