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Jun 10, 2013

I need a help MR. Dawkins.
Hi ,

I’m Amalan Inigo Alexis from India. I feel i’m alone and isolated regarding my staunch atheistic
principle. Its not possible in future for me to turn to religion . Only when my brain ceases to show any activity , only then my family will rejoice in taking my body to church and mock at my dead body.

But before that ,

1. Where can we as atheists find solace when we are down and lack of good spirits for our productivity.?

2. Is there any action plan to survive by being odd to the daily vagaries of life. I fail to be immune to loved ones threatening and not accepting their faith. Poked continuously over 20 plus years. Yet i’m just reactive to their plot. I need to be proactive and need a solace for my being lone human(being rational and sensitive at the same time) . They have delusions to confide, in the absence of loved ones to share, where can we find solace?
just a human from the other corner

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