Won my first Evolution debate, Good, Fri, Jun 14 2013 #(2030)

Jun 14, 2013

Dear Richard
In Mexico as you may already know, most people are Catholics and i used to be one too.

However i’ve always questioned the ways of the lord and eventually became non theist.

I read your book the greatest show on earth and have seen way too many debates of creationism vs evolution by ways of natural selection.

Recently i had a discussion with coworkers and we got engaged on the subject of evolution. I stated that i am on the scientists side and support Evolution by natural selection. One of my coworkers denies it and says there is no real evidence of it, she does believe in micro evolution but not on the macro evolution (changing from one species to another)

I supplied enough information as evidence and suggested them to read your books as well as others.

Its been quiet these days, they have no arguments to disprove what i supplied…

Just wanted to share this with you.


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