Christian programs attempting to convert homosexuals continue in Australia


The ABC has discovered the fundamentalist practice of trying to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality is continuing in Australia with tragic results.

While the leading ex-gay therapy organisation in the United States recently renounced its practices, andPope Francis said it is not his place to judge homosexuals, some Australian churches believe gay Christians need to invite the Holy Spirit to convert them to being straight.

At Ramsgate Community Church in Sydney's south, Reverend Ron Brookman believes he is helping to save souls.

He is the director of Living Waters, a group that says it helps to heal people's sexuality.

Reverend Brookman, who tells Christians that being gay is a sin, was himself leading a double life as a gay man and a Uniting Church minister.

"I've struggled since I was 11 with homosexuality. I was just overwhelmed with lust, with homosexual fantasy," he told ABC's 7.30.

"I underwent a substantial change there that freed me from the secret life and I found a change in my heart and a swing away from my being attracted to men to actually becoming attracted to women, and one particular woman in particular who is now my wife and the mother of my children and, yeah, there's a beautiful transformation."

Written By: Rebecca Baillie
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  1. ” While Exodus International has closed, many ministries in Australia are still operating, under the similarly named Exodus Global Alliance.”

    Do they think to hide this activity down under and, supposedly, out of sight of the rest of the world?

  2. Why would anyone continue prayer when there is no evidence it works?
    Why would anyone continue using prayer to convert their sexuality when there is no evidence it works?

    Laziness: Prayer takes very little effort and creates the illusion of taking action.

    Gullibility: They believe the lies it is infallible.

  3. These people don’t get that there is a loving option to their madness. So a teen male grows up realizing he is attracted to men and his family and friends support who he is. He then grows up to find a deeply meaningful and loving relationship and stays in it as long as it is positive and fulfilling. He can also decide to marry this individual ………slam…………………….crash……………..oops. Sorry, it seems that the two men in a loving relationship have hit a political wall and are unable to marry. It would have worked out quite well for the happy couple, but the religious have thrown in another monkey wrench.

    Here is my thought about these groups. They are run by gay men who hate themselves because of some religious brainwashing. Yet their true biological desires cannot be completely controlled and they cannot keep away from other gay men. What to do? Create an organization that gathers together other gay men in a way that psychologically fools them into thinking that they are “good” and making progress with “changing” their “evil ways.” By doing this, they still get to be with other gay men. The other option would be to totally avoid men and suffer in silence or hang around a bunch of women. Some men do this, but these guys choose to hang around with other gay men satisfying at least an emotional need. It’s their comfort zone being with other men just like themselves. (He’s not hanging with a bunch of straight guys doing guy stuff and talking about stuff straight guys talk about.) Deep inside they cannot overcome their nature and a part of them realizes this. They are fooling themselves, but are destroying lives in the process. If they accepted themselves, they could just hang around each other in a supportive group and be happy…… and have sex.

  4. In reply to #5 by QuestioningKat:

    These people don’t get that there is a loving option to their madness. So a teen male grows up realizing he is attracted to men and his family and friends support who he is. He then grows up to find a deeply meaningful and loving relationship and stays in it as long as it is positive and fulfilling….

    A case of ” methinks they doth protest too much”.

  5. So now all we have to do is wait for the “shock” news that Reverend Brookman has been caught with a rent boy.

  6. The UK professional bodies for counselling and psychotherapy (my late wife belonged to one) now recognise that these quack “therapies” are positively dangerous, and they strike off practitioners who offer them.

    Unfortunately, it is still too easy in the UK for unregulated, unqualified people to offer counselling services, so I will not pretend the battle is won.

    But sensible (?) people like priests should at least take note of what trained, properly qualified mental health professionals think of this bullshit, and pause for thought before endorsing a harmful “therapy” which could leave people with suicidal tendencies.

  7. What is the actual science of homosexuality? I hear it constantly quoted that exactly 10% of the population is gay. But that is scientifically absurd, no other attribute amongst a varied population is constant despite variations in environment and genetic make-up. Both Kinsey and Freud believed that Homosexuality was mutable and effected by society, so why do we not believe now that homosexuality is not itself an unscientific religious belief like polygamy or a mental illness like depression or anorexia?

    I think some people are concerned that if normal biological pairing and the consequent property ownership by families is not protected (in some way) then the state will gain control of too much of our lives, a fear which has been shown to be validated many times throughout history. This would surely be the case if governments become the sole arbiters of who can have children (after all they are the ones that choose which gay couples are fit to be parents).

    There is some evidence for this idea, as marriage is in decline and although the rich are not that adversely affected by frequent divorce, the children of the poor are massively more so, which we do not see in the popular media. If young adults, who are scientifically proven to be chemically confused by their hormones through their age of majority, are bombarded with homosexual ideation through the media then are we that sure that it will not lead first to an anti marriage majority and then to an anti straight / anti monogamy majority?

    I see a potential in the spread of homosexuality misinformation by the liberal elite, for creating an unstoppable momentum behind the flow of children from those whose biological parents have had their resources pulled away from them by impossibly unfair governments, to the those who have been chosen as state approved as parents. It seems to me to be the subversion of the poor by the rich for the rich’s own selfish and often sexually perverted pleasures.

    The fecundity of society has to be a moral issue surely if it is to have consequences on our children?

    Can we ever actually have some unbiased science on the subject?

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