Communists & fascists being labelled as Atheists

Jul 30, 2013

Discussion by: Myrodd

I find whenever I am up against the religious who are very outspoken against Atheists, they bring up that these communist countries are Atheists. North Korea, China, when Russia was the USSR etc, and try and use them as examples of Atheism. Naturally I point out that other than North Korea where the people worship their leader as a God so they aren't Atheists to start with. I go on to point out in the defense of Atheism that the populations of communist countries that do not have a religion, the people never had a choice to be a believer. So they were not Atheist by choice. In addition the very nature of their government leadership, effects their morals and ethics as it probably would if your parents didn't set good moral standards. 
Anyway I'm wondering if anyone had a better response to this as it is a common argument I seem to be up against.

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