Evolution makes the grade


Kansas, Kentucky and other states will also teach climate-change science.

Five US states have adopted science education standards that recommend introducing two highly charged topics — climate-change science and evolution — into classrooms well before high school.

Released in April, the Next Generation Science Standards are the first effort in 15 years to overhaul US science education nationwide. Twenty-six states, working with non-profit science and education groups, developed the guidelines on the basis of recommendations from the US National Research Council. And the measures are being adopted, even in states where climate change and evolution tend to be avoided in the classroom.

In the past two months, education officials in Rhode Island, Kentucky, Kansas, Maryland and Vermont have all approved the standards by overwhelming margins. At least five more states — California, Florida, Maine, Michigan and Washington — may take up the standards in the next few months.

“Whew,” says Minda Berbeco, programmes and policy director at the National Center for Science Education in Oakland, California. “So far, so good.” Swift adoption of the guidelines has been surprising but welcome news for many supporters. Evolution has been a controversial topic in US education for decades, stretching back to the 1925 ‘monkey trial’ in Tennessee, where the state prosecuted high-school teacher John Scopes for violating a statute that barred the teaching of evolution. In the past decade, those who oppose evolution have sought to enact ‘academic freedom’ laws that would allow creationism to be taught alongside evolution.

Written By: Lauren Morello
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  1. I expect the Crocoduck Appreciation Society will be pretty dam upset ?

    Tough luck buddies !

  2. Wow! They’re teaching actual science in American schools now? I bet the Republicans are furious!

  3. Interesting that a country that can put people on the moon can ignore science! Perhaps God put the men on the moon, assisted by humans?

  4. I don’t understand how Christianity and climate change denial became so inextricably linked.

    Jehovah loves wiping out people for the most trivial of motives. Christians seem to think the New Jehovah would not even let humans do themselves in.

  5. In reply to #1 by Richard01:

    and the US thinks it is so advanced!

    And they are correct in any technological or scientific sense, though clearly not socially or morally, despite the education system being hijacked by religious morons and aided by immigration of people that are already well educated.

    More worryingly as Ricky Santorum proved in the last presidential election they actually want to knowingly keep people uneducated, even the educated ones want to.

  6. The fact that either of these topics can be called controversial makes me an interesting mix of sad and angry.

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