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Jul 31, 2013

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science is an activist organization! 

Find out how you can get involved:

1. Facilitating Underserved Communities Coming Out Strong:

Get involved in our current Spanish language page:


Help with our ex-Muslim page that is in the works. This page will be secure (for the safety of those involved) and would be led by ex-Muslims themselves while having the powerful social media infrastructure of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science.


2. Make Secularism Powerful in the Political Process:

The Get Religious Bias Out of Government campaign is a strategic plan to change the entire tone of the American politics and decrease the influence of the Religious Right.  It is important to nations around the world that this American Religious Right era end.  Our non-partisan campaign will include religious groups who support separation of church and state. This video summarizes our principles here: We need people who are ready to organize. Email if you want more details.


3. Creating a Positive View of Secularism in Popular Culture:

Show the victims of the Religio-Industrial complex – victims of religious bias in law depicted in a human and compelling way and contrast these victims with the lifestyles of the rich and religious. We now have volunteers helping to create a database of abusive financial practices by mega-ministers and we need more volunteers:  This video provides more background on our planned expose on this topic:


4. Make Secularism a Respected Part of Civic Life:  

a. Fifty Statewise Policy-Focused Freethought Conventions:

Freethinkers, Humanists, Agnostics, Atheists don’t have a cultural presence in the community like the Religious Right — like the ACLU, like Rotary. This will completely change by 2020 with freethought conventions in every state. By 2016 RDFRS will have promoted twenty successful statewide Freethought conventions. Because of the unique drawing power of Richard Dawkins, and our myriad social media, RDFRS is uniquely placed to facilitate growth of state or national Freethought organizations and events.  These conventions will add a policy focus to the their programs, so that secularism builds an infrastructure of local leaders and speakers unique to their state or country, ready to articulate local problems with church-state separation and advocate for change. I’ve served ten years in elective office. I’m familiar with the convention process. I’ve lobbied two years at the state level, two years at the federal level, and my book offers a specific  political strategy for secularism. If you have a group that wants to move forward, let’s talk:


b. National Freethought Conventions.

This year I spoke in fourteen locations in Australia and New Zealand. The people in these two nations showed tremendous leadership, certainly on organizing my tour, but, beyond that, they were very successful in organizing a policy-focused national freethought endeavor.  Many nations have national freethought organizations. Many don’t. We must have regularly scheduled conventions — that include a policy focus – so people go beyond a philosophy and move to societal change:


Read more about the great success Down Under here:


5. Solidify an Infrastructure that Supports the Rise of Atheism with our Speakers and Webteam

            a. Speakers: Often we get people clamoring for Richard Dawkins to come to their country, state, or community. He is overwhelmed by requests. A better question might be what organizing can you do that would make a visit by Richard Dawkins something that would last long after he left. Learn more here:  Dr. Andy Thomson is an excellent speaker and board member of RDFRS. You might consider having him attend your event. Here is his excellent talk “Why We Believe in Gods”:

If you are interested in organizing, secular political strategy, or the constitutional separation of church and state, I can speak on those topics:

To organize grassroots fun science-education and charity events, you may contact our Outreach and Event Coordinator, Joel Guttormson, to find out how you can put humanism into action in your local community:


b. Our web team:, at about 1,000,000 hits per month, is the most powerful edited website in secularism — recently renovated by our web team. The Richard Dawkins Foundation Official Facebook page has gone from 132,000 people reached in October 2012 to millions reached weekly.  Our social media will grow and, more importantly, get people involved in RDFRS activism. The professionalism of our computer staff is unique in the secular movement and critically important. Our web presence is the infrastructure for the other RDFRS projects.


All the projects I’ve described, as well as our speakers and our webteam need donations to spread secularism.  Please invest monthly in what we do here:

And buy a book, t-shirt or other gift at our store here:

Written By: Sean Faircloth
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