Rejection from family after coming out as an atheist?

Jul 25, 2013

Discussion by: erinhas

Does anyone want to share any experiences with family not able or willing to accept you once they find out you are atheist? How did it turn out? I've been an atheist for many years, but in the last few months my (catholic) family has started to realize this. Some of them are having a hard time dealing with it. I feel like I'm being excommunicated in a way, as well as ganged up on from multiple members of the family. I'm considering cutting them out of my life, including my mother, because of their hurtful ways, or at least giving up on trying to maintain a relationship, as they don't seem to care too much about keeping one with me. This week I was dealt some devastating news and I have already been going through a major struggle over the last year as it is. I called my mother, looking for empathy or wise words or someone to say it would be ok – but instead it was almost as if she was happy that my life was crashing down on me, as if it was some sort of affirmation that god exists in her twisted logic – like i'm being punished by god for not believing. It really just broke my heart that she would get joy out of my pain. I am really trying to be understanding but I don't think I can understand that. I know it could be worse, but it still hurts.

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