Scientists create human liver from stem cells


Scientists have for the first time created a functional human liver from stem cells derived from skin and blood and say their success points to a future where much-needed livers and other transplant organs could be made in a laboratory.

While it may take another 10 years before lab-grown livers could be used to treat patients, the Japanese scientists say they now have important proof of concept that paves the way for more ambitious organ-growing experiments.

"The promise of an off-the-shelf liver seems much closer than one could hope even a year ago," said Dusko Illic, a stem cell expert at King's College London who was not directly involved in the research but praised its success.

He said however that while the technique looks "very promising" and represents a huge step forward, "there is much unknown and it will take years before it could be applied in regenerative medicine."

Written By: Kate Kelland
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  1. This is great. Things like this should be easier to access. This is something that’s much needed. I hope this progresses even more down the road. c:

  2. ‘Tain’t nachurl… goes agin God’s Law.

    Well, somebody has to say it.



  3. In reply to #4 by aroundtown:

    Pharmaceuticals and the like do not like cures in my opinion, they like bandaids for a problem.

    While I agree that there’s definitely a lot of greed and irresponsibility in the pharmaceutical industry, this kind of thinking sounds a lot like a conspiracy theory to me. I think it’s important to remember that the “pharmaceuticals” are run by people who can get just as sick as anybody else and can find themselves in dire need of an organ transplant. Those people may not care about the rest of the world but I find it hard to believe that they don’t care about their own children and grand-children.

    We all share the same biology.

    The second thing is nowadays with the internet, once a scientific breakthrough is out there, nobody can “hide” it. And third, somebody will find a way to make this technology profitable. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the wave of the future.

    Throughout history, religion strongly opposed to and resisted scientific progress but in the end, reason and logic won. In cases like this one, I think people are seduced by the benefits of science and that’s the reason why I believe things ultimately go this way. Even if it DOES takes more time than we’d wish.

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