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The Debate:

Heidegger held the most important question to be "why is there something rather than nothing?" Hawking believes science will one day provide an answer. But is this a delusion? Is explaining creation beyond us or is there really a chance we can solve the greatest mystery of all.




The Panel:
Bestselling author of A Universe From Nothing Lawrence Krauss and CERN physicist John Ellis contemplate the origins of existence with Sea of Faith author Don Cupitt.?

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  1. The problem is, when a proof is finally discovered, it will most likely be so complicated, only AI can make sense of it.

  2. I wish they didn’t start by quoting Heidegger. Unlike some people who comment here I don’t think all philosophy is worthless but if ever there was a poster child for pompous incomprehensible nonsense it would be Heidegger. You could replace the text of his books with something generated by a postmodern gibberish generator and my guess is no one would notice. And he was a Nazi sympathizer as well.

    The Pitch
    Cosmogony is the domain of physics not philosophy, let me begin by saying it is a stupid question, “really? “Why has no meaning what soever it prosumer propose , what we really mean when we say why, is we mean how, how is there something rather than nothing? So how do we get billion s of galaxy’s from nothing that’s the mirical, nothing is unstable, “Sure”

    The Pitch
    There are several definitions of nothing, none of them all encompassing
    “We don’t do why”we study what is in the universe, there was as much as something towards the big bang, we physicist keep moving the coal post as far as nothing is concerned for me nothing is the lowest energy state ja right: nothing is nothing remind me of what God said to Job “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.” (Job 38:4 KJV)

    The Pitch
    Physicist are not asking the right questions been nothing is not a state at all you must start with something : yep like “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. “(John 1:1 KJV)

    Theme One
    Physics vs. philosophy
    The question still is what happened? We may not be able to answer the question completely, but we can argue what is plausible, “o really Lawrence”
    The wel tested theory is what happened after the Big Bang “make sense”
    The law’s of physic’s does not allow us to go back where T=0″ great observation Lawrence,so anything you say from now onwards is just speculation, so again where we’re you Lawrence when God laid the foundation?? Let me quest nowhere, nothing!!”
    The photons on your screen came from nothing, ” ye right, how about moving from one form of energy to a next like the law explain?” You are reasoning like the compass around your own P hole, mr Lawrence” you don’t realy need a before, it just need to arise then time starts ticking ,, “whow”

    Theme Two
    What is “nothing”? Lawrence make the the following statement that nothing will spit out something if you wait long enough, ” I submit to you we call ( nothing) a-thought( that is a state of nothing) that is spit out in words witch answers your WHY question by a thinking being that clearly state the HOW

    Theme Three
    The origins of the laws of physics, Lawrence you say it best when you say: “God forbit” there is your definition and explanation right there,

  4. In reply to #4 by Red Dog:

    I wish they didn’t start by quoting Heidegger.

    Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar Who could think you under the table. – Monty Python (of course)

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