Woman Stuck In Wall, Mistaken For Ghost And Trapped For Seven Hours


A woman in eastern China, looking to take a shortcut on her way home, became trapped in a wall — and stayed there for seven hours because residents took her for a ghost, The Telegraph reports.

As the passageway snaked on, however, it became increasingly tight, state television CCTV reports.

Having gone too far to turn around, the woman, from China's Anhui province, became entrenched in brick and concrete wall, THV reports.

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  1. “Based on a true story” the ghost in the wall…. Now in theaters near you!!!

    Movie goer: “It was so scary and knowing that it was based on a true story made it all the more terrifying.”

    And the bullshit snowballs and soon we are sitting in a bullshit avalanche… oh, wait, that describes our current situation, doesn’t it???

  2. I wonder what the reaction of the residents was after this. Did they beat themselves up for being stupid, or did they just shrug their shoulders and go “huh, so it wasn’t a ghost. Oh well…”

    I’m wondering about it because it’s a feeling I will never get to experience. I will never get to know what it feels like to think that a mysterious sound comes from a ghost, only to be shown that it had a completely natural origin. How does it feel like to listen to someone screaming, and then be told that it was a person suffering for seven hours, just because I was stupid enough to naturally assume it must be a ghost?

  3. It could have been worse if instead of seven hours it had been seven weeks, the neighbourhood would have believed that the ghost was actually a decomposing zombie. I don’t think that China’s future Nobel laureates will come from this neighbourhood.

  4. You hear somebody calling for help and the first thing that comes to mind is it must be a ghost. But surely this error was not just one crazy individual. Others would have heard her too.

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