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Aug 19, 2013

Dear Richard
religious and I initially went to church and Sunday school when I was about 11 when my Sunday school teacher couldn’t or wouldn’t answer biblical questions that I found illogical like ” God was not very nice telling Isaac to stab his son was he” no explanation. ” If Jesus had thousands of followers why did the let Barabbas off and kill Jesus” no explanation, so I asked at ordinary school “don’t question have faith not everything needs to make sense” “WHAT” that was enough for me so I completely lost interest until I was 45 Then history started to repeat itself. At about 8 he loved dinosaurs as all kids do and watched lots of natural history, loved it, collected fossils, etc. He started to ask stuff like why doesn’t bible the know about dinosaurs, how come it took God 5 days to make just 1 planet and 1 day all the rest, so I requested the teacher to stop confusing him, evolution is a fact, the Bible is just a bunch of stories so tell him they are just stories both cant be right. So she did which was great. He has grown up honest, confident, kind, protective respectful, intelligent, honourable without being Christened or following a religious code as I did. I have encouraged him to form his own views as I did. Now he believes in science, evolution, the big bang, logic, but in the background believes there is something out there that guides him and wants to put in some study by reading, again as I did. I have recommended the The God Delusion and the Bible which is a cracking read especially the first 4 books of the Old Testament, full of genocide, murder, sacrifice, slavery, sex, vengeance, fear, incest. Not exactly a book I wanted him to have pushed down his throat when he was young, but one that everyone should read when they are educated and intelligent enough to see it for what it is. Fundamentalism and domination of your mind at any age is awful and will stop the expansion of your intelligence and restrict your mental development. Thank God, for people like you speaking out, and the present time when we have freedom to express ourselves without being burnt to death by the good Christian leaders to shut up the opposition as would have happened a few hundred years ago.
Gary Powell

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