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Aug 6, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins
While I can’t decide whether I prefer Christopher Hitchens’s God is Not Great or your own The God Delusion, it was a truly brilliant opprobrium of the irrationality and immorality of religion.

The accusations of logical fallacies I have seen, particularly ad hominem and straw man, have next to know basis. People, particularly apologists of faith, fail to see that you are not attacking religious people – you are attacking their dangerous convictions. Whether they take offence at this is their own business and their own prerogative. And who cares if they feel offended? Beliefs which cause the pogroms of Rwanda, or support the likes of Hitler and Mussolini, must be undermined. Offending those who hold the belief is simple an (un)fortunate side-effect.

As for the accusations levelled at your critique of the old and new testaments: they also hold no basis. Your own ideas are insightful, and regardless of what people think, the teachings of both testaments are, frankly, immoral. The last law of the Decalogue claims that God can judge you for, as Hitchens with his love of Orwell christened, thoughtcrime.

Thank you for being a voice of rationality in the midst of the hoi polloi.

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