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Aug 9, 2013

I have had the serious good fortune to have spent quite some time learning about biology and natural history, both in school, and by doing my own research.

Looking back on this time however, i remember the absolute paucity of information on evolution and natural selection, even in several of my biology classes… This was quite some time ago, but still even today i am struck by how little information on evolution and natural selection there is in a typical manual about natural history and or ecology.

So I am wondering if I am simply deluding my self into thinking that there really is a dearth of evolutionary information in most texts concerning popular natural history – or is there really a need unmet?

The main reason i have started thinking about all this is that even though i have been a huge fan of John Muir almost my entire life, it has only been in the last few months that i have realized that John Muir was quite well versed in Darwin’s writings, and in the writings of other contemporaries, in regards to Evolution. Why in the world did it take me over 60 years to find this out?

I would like to write a book about this, but feel a bit overwhelmed by it all – and not sure quite how i should proceed… Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated


bruce blosser

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