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Aug 27, 2013

Discussion by: globes

I'm from Melbourne Victoria and i'm curious as too how i can be more productive in secularism, charity, education. All things relative to improving my country for everyone. Any advice will go along way 🙂

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    Reckless Monkey says:

    May I suggest making the case you are making that support for secular education & charities is better for everyone to everyone you talk to about education and charities. Make the arguement forcefully you’ll find it surprises many but gets them thinking.

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    Th3rdDigree says:

    Also consider joining the Atheist Foundation of Australia – Australia’s premier Atheist Organisation and organiser of last years Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne.

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  • What a coincidence, I’m from Melbourne Australia too. We should hangout sometime.

    Anyways, there are a lot of organisations where you can make yourself useful, but a lot of these entities does not have offices that you can easily visit. You can be a member online, but getting in touch physically is not so easy. I suggest you go make some connections first through or the Atheist Society so you can get a feel of the different organisations through the members because they often have multiple membership.

    Also, check out the Sunday Assembly, if that’s your cup of tea.

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    cjmackay01 says:

    Progressive Atheists (based in Melbourne) meet regularly, co-ordinate a number of localised meetups and engage in a number of pro-social/progressive causes.

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    Len Walsh says:

    “All things relative to improving my country for everyone.”

    Well, most urgently you could influence everyone you associate with in the coming week by defending science and reason against the risks posed with the likely election of a misogynistic religious extremist PM.

    Everyone would benefit if Australia was more progressive than the policies espoused from either Abbott or Rudd. By following the example of New Zealand or modern European countries Australia would set a regional example in such important issues as respecting refugees, climate science or the human rights of gays and of children. Then you will have something substantial to report at your first meeting.

    I’m born and bred in Hirdy’s Bomberland, where the kids are coming appreciate how drugs, secretly administered, can enhance their sporting performance. Most Australian kids are given their first recreational drug (ethanol) by their parents at about the age of twelve, so you could work on that erroneous cultural habit.

    Australia hasn’t legislated to protect kids from violent parenting, unlike EnZed, and twenty three other nations like Costa Rica and Kenya. This now old UPI report illustrates , so you could work on that deficiency. Or the tax-payer funded chaplains in ‘State’ or public schools, in lieu of qualified councillors. Even the US wouldn’t allow that incursion, so we’ve quite a bit to do to catch up.

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  • Seems to me Australia has more than its fair share of climate change deniers. This belief tends to be fueled by a religious notion that either god would never be so mean or god is going to destroy the world soon, but Revelation says it will not happen by climate change.

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    FutureAndAHope says:

    I am an Australian, and even a Christian. If you want to be involved in Charity as you mentioned please consider supporting my push to Australian Politicians to restore the 4.5 Billion dollars they are removing from the aid budget. I have a petition online at that is aimed at gathering support for the poor. Also I have sent a Open Letter to Tony Abbott asking for new plans to be implemented to help the poor in line with current policy. Please email him at saying you support the following letter I sent.
    Greetings Tony Abbott,

    First I would like to start with a Statistic there are an estimated 1.2 million children trafficked each year – the majority of them being lured, bribed or forced into the sex-trade. That’s one child every 26 seconds!

    This is a terrible statistic sexual abuse of minors is deplorable. Yet we as an international community are not doing our part. I would like to present to you a plan that I feel would help you gain some credit with the International Aid community, a bond and trust that you have broken by reducing International Aid.

    We need to be seeking International solutions to the issue of legalised child sexual abuse. Western nations have laws that prevent the exploitation of minors, this is a good thing. What I would like to propose to you is Australia as a nation should spear head an attack on the issue of child prostitution. To do this I propose you as a nation lobby the International Court of Justice to implement international laws that govern the age of consent. Currently there are only National laws. You should seek to introduce a World wide law that governs the youngest age for a person to have sex. I suggest 18 years of age. If international laws can be introduced it will put pressure on non conforming nations to do what is right. And will act as a pretext for international action to end child prostitution. I ask that you consider using some of the Aid Budget for the issue of child prostitution.

    I know that you have reduced the aid budget, but I ask that you seek a long term solution to this problem. It is my desire to see a 10% tax for the poor on company investment. If an Australian company makes a return of 9% on investment, i.e. 9% company growth. 10% of the 9% growth must be paid to help the poor. That is a total tax of 0.9%. i.e. if a companies share price increases by $10 the $1 would be given to the poor. 50% to social services in Australia, and 50% to the poor overseas. Due to the volatility of the market some times it is up some times it is down, you would not collect the tax on the actual return but on the average return which has been 9.1% over the last 10 years. So the tax would be set at 0.91% each term regardless of whether the actual return was 14% of 4%. Investors are generally rich people who can afford to help the poor. While there are millions of children living in poverty the rich need to be willing to share the small percentage to help them.

    I would also like to see some simple and cost free plans aimed at increasing community giving to reduce stress on government giving. I propose that two things be done to encourage giving by the community. The first is to legislate that a percentage of prime time TV be assigned to the purpose of charitable advertising. 50% to overseas and, and 50% for local issues. Some TV stations do assign time to charities, however this is in time slots that are rarely ever seen. To stress this point I personally have never seen, or at least don’t remember seeing, a TV ad for a charity. We need to be assigning sufficient time to actually make significant change to community attitude, and giving. I propose as a minimum 2 TV ads per night, in evening TV, one for international aid and one for local issues. This will not effect the bottom lines of the TV stations, but will be sufficient in terms of educational and fund raising purposes. Nightly exposure to the needs in both our local community, and the international community will vastly improve community giving, and will act to educate the community to charitable needs. Having it legislated that there must be a balance between local and international issues will prevent the exultation of one form of giving over the other. I stress the vital importance of this being legislated, not voluntary, legislation protects and provides for all future generations. To further encourage community giving I suggest that school students be given a lesson each year of study as to the importance of caring for the needs of others. One lesson will not impact the busy study schedule but will help young people to learn from an early age that it is important to care for others needs. Giving in my opinion is more important to the development of healthy society than may other topics that are taught in schools.

    I have these plans recorded at in more detail along with other suggested types of taxation for the purpose of supporting the poor. Please let me know your thoughts on these ideas.

    Robert Palmer

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    Len Walsh says:

    In reply to #11 by FutureAndAHope:

    I am an Australian, and even a Christian…We need to be seeking International solutions to the issue of legalised child sexual abuse.

    I agree Robert. Australia is one of the delinquent nations who failed to legislate for the protection of children by 2009 as required when we signed up to the Convention of the Rights Of the Child (UNCROC).

    Only two places in the world are authentic, unadulterated 100% Christian societies. They afford us a glimpse of what occurs to children when everyone is focussed on Jesus. Only the Vatican and Pitcairn Island can provide us an idea of how purely Xian communities function when isolated from secular constraints.

    Recently a majority of the male residents were convicted for raping children on Pitcairn Island. Many among the minority were also charged but escaped conviction, or as with the women who knew what the men were doing, were never prosecuted. There was never a non-Xian resident in centuries.

    To date the Vatican has avoided prosecution although damning results of investigations worldwide continue to mount.

    So we know what to be careful of, being aware that 70% of child rape occurs in families which are reliably religious.

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