Does science equal truth?

Aug 21, 2013

Discussion by: jonaswl

I am very new to this discussion forum and do not know if this topic has been discussed. If it turns out that it has been, then I apologize.

Not too long ago I decided to cancel my membership of the Danish National Church thanks to the works of Professor Dawkins. That lead to a discussion with a friend of mine regarding truth. One might say that everything – religion, science, etc. – is based upon premises. We – the atheist who believe that science equals truth – believe this, because we have set such premises that tells us, that what we can see, smell, touch, etc. is real. Religious people may go further and believe that there are more to the world than our sences can ever tell us. Again it is all about premises. We can never really know for sure what is real and what is not, so how can we in fact be sure that science equals truth and that we as atheist are more right than believers?

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