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Aug 6, 2013

A few casual passes through search engines has revealed something a bit startling to me. While there is a great debate going on about evolution, there’s very little actual content ABOUT evolution online. I would like to confer with you about building a video series explaining various facets of evolution in a simple fashion. I’m inspired by this winner of a contest Alan Alda held:

Though I don’t think the singing is necessary, the basic flat explanation is. This sort of information just isn’t out there. And it needs to be.

And while I don’t think it should directly address anti-evolutionist propaganda, I feel like the various topics posed by them should: geologic layer timing, radiometric dating, examples of “missing links”, and perhaps and actual explanation of the full definition about which the topic is raging. I rather doubt most creationists know the difference between Darwins theory and the facts about natural and artificial selection, inheritance, etc. Perhaps even discuss how Evolution implies the origins of life (is it actually part of the theory?).

Again, I’d love to have your input in this project.

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