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Aug 6, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,
In primary school I fought for the right to escape from religious instruction, certain the class was a meaningless waste of time.
I wonder if you ever imagine a world of the future, where the veil of ignorance has lifted and earth’s various peoples have all embraced life on earth wholeheartedly?
A world where children are taught only the art of learning itself, thereafter being merely encouraged to follow their dreams and interests whilst being given every opportunity to interact with learned people in every imaginable field of study both online and in their community.
Where infrastructure has been developed whereby the energy of the sun, wind and sea has been made freely available to the population as electricity.
Where curiosity and kindness are incentive enough to become a Doctor of medicine and to teach others of like mind.
Where the freedom to follow one’s passion is reward enough to not only pursue but excel at whatever one sets about to do with life.
Where absolutely nothing is prevented which does no harm to people, planet or indeed universe if we ever get that far.
In short, a world where no matter into which country or walk of life a person might find themselves born, the potential to live any dream is not only possible but encouraged.
For forty-five minutes each Thursday I sat alone in the school library until religious instruction class was over and the chimes rang out. To this day I still try to find time to dream as I did then because
occasionally I can just make out the glimmer of such a world as described above, flickering on a very dark and distant horizon. But then it is gone.

James Masson

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