I hate atheists , Ugly, Fri, Aug 09 2013 #(2086)

Aug 9, 2013

A warning MR Dawkins
Atheism is yet another example of the attempts of the JEWS to denigrate society. It is no surprise that the Jews who rule society are the biggest pushers of homosexuality, capitalism, atheism, mixed-raced marriages, mass-immigration, multiculturalism, transsexualism, leftism, conservatism (especially neo-conservatism which is as Jewish as a bar-mitzvah), libertarianism and many other degenerate ideologies.

The only way to combat the Jewish stranglehold on our society is authoritarian, racialist socialism, following in the traditions of the heroic Mussolini and the eternal avatar for peace and freedom, Adolf Hitler. Atheists like you will be hanged when the white race rises up under the banner of the swastika.

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