1. It’s all in his excellent slim volume A Universe from Nothing.

    This guy must really put the wind up those who believe that the why question is all important, when, in fact, the only relevent question is HOW?

    When people ask the why question it’s probably because they’ve been bamboozled into thinking that their religion can give them the reason why they exist; to find a purpose in life is to create our reason for existing.

    When I need an automotive technician to repair one of our cars his knowing why cars exist is useless, what he needs to know is how they work.

    Is that so very difficult an idea to grasp?

  2. Lawrence,
    If you by chance read this, please consider hosting a high brow science television program, as I (and many others) think you are awesome! I do not think you would garner ratings that would compare with, say, Jersey Shore, but you’d lend credibility and REALITY to the telly. Again, that would truly be reality TV.
    Crooked Shoes (Jim)

  3. When Professor Krauss rocks into town, with the offer of a lecture, followed the next evening with ‘Physics in the Pub’, it’s time to expand the mind as well as drown it! Dr Syntax Hotel in Tasmania – a free plug for them If I don’t mind, and I don’t. Oh…and UTAS.

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  5. One have to have a considerable degree of admiration for Prof Laurence Krauss for his devotion to extirpate delusion and therefor improving human condition,alongside his significant contribution as a scientist and science communicator.He truly is impressive.

  6. I tried but i couldn´t read “A universe from Nothing”. Something about the subject puts me off. I think the idea of Nothing is like the why question. Doesn´t compute in my brain.

  7. “… Anything that can happen, does happen. And therefore, you got no laws….”

    Ahhh, but then if only things that CAN happen, do happen, then there must be another level of laws describing what CAN happen, and then another level to describe the laws of what can happen and…. , like Feynman said, an onion with infinite layers, or turtles all the way down.

    Or as George Carlin might have put it: can God create a universe so empty that even he doesn’t exist?

  8. In reply to #7 by Corylus:


    I recently read a good, quick, exposition on different types of nothing here.

    Thank you for posting that, Corylus. It’s an excellent article that addresses the issue at its heart. I first encountered it when Quine posted it on the old Richard Dawkins site and I wish it would come up in every discussion about “nothing”.

    A brilliant blog with top notch articles and this is one of my favourites. Thanks for linking it.

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