Love from Iran, Converts, Fri, Aug 09 2013 #(2077)

Aug 9, 2013

I’m from Iran an atheist since I was 12 years old so practically I wasn’t ever a Muslim anyway now I’m 19 I told my family (I lost my father) about me being an atheist they we’re ok with that(not 100%) but since you know they’ll kill me if they found out they made me promise not get my self and them in trouble I just wanted to tell you we hear your voice and this is a reply to all you’ve done (I know it’s too little but with this situation I have it’s the most I can do) I have an agnostic friend as well Iranians even have pages About atheism and secularism on Facebook ,I my self take every chance I can get to talk others into science and atheism (not too harsh) while I’m really careful with my activity as an atheist in Iran I’m afraid there are so much stupidity that I have to face everyday from school and now the university I hope you keep up the good work it’s 1:03 am here and it’s almost near that we hear their strange voices of what they call “azaan” (what they say before praying) please keep writing and in the end I have to tell you you are so generous spending your time debating those stupid people spending your Life on it ,I’m proud to say I’m an atheist I fallow you on Facebook and YouTube Sam Harris and Daniel Dennet too (by the way Sam is gr8) to a brighter future a world on thoughts and reasons ,love from Iran


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