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Aug 9, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins
My name is Mitchel Rodriguez and I come from a mainly Catholic family (some members of my family are atheists) and I just wanted to show my gratitude toward you for helping me escape from religion. As a child I was baptised. Luckily I was not heavily indoctrinated with my parents’ religion. In primary school my mother didn’t want me to attend religious education but my grandmother forced her to make me take religious class while I was in Year 2. For four years I had to experience having Catholic zealots impose their beliefs upon me and my fellow classmates. Despite this, I still didn’t fully buy into their teachings. I often tried to question my teacher’s beliefs but I was punished for doing so. While I was in Year 6 I found I many horrible things about the Catholic religion and started to further question my beliefs. I told my mother about how I was starting to lose my faith in religion and eventually abandoned Catholicism entirely but still believed in God. My mother wasn’t (and still isn’t) Catholic and didn’t have a problem with this. Shortly after this I discovered evolution and was so convinced by the overwhelming amount of evidence that supports evolution that I eventually abandoned theism altogether and became an atheist. Since then I have read The God Delusion and am impressed by your work. I would like to once again thank you for assisting me in my escape from religion.

P.S I am currently 13 years old.
Mitchel Rodriguez

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