New tricks of creationists, Good, Fri, Aug 09 2013 #(2075)

Aug 9, 2013

Hi prof Dawkins..
I follow your- and similar-minded individuals’ courageous stance with great interest – even pride. At age thirteen (1963), I managed to articulate my sceptism (and humour) at the childish, naïve teachings of my catholic school. By age sixteen, I had
walked away from the concept of any supreme being and all religious belief. I’ve never looked back, and like anyone whose seen that “the emperor has no clothes”, I’m constantly amazed (and amused) that otherwise intelligent people can spend a lifetime deluded in the face of so much evidence.
One effect of your persistent reasoning onslaught when confronted by the idiot-brigade, is that many of them have resorted to “scientific” explanations for ID. In case you’ve not noticed this one, see
Rob Manzoni

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