OrganJet Allows Users to Find Fast Kidney Transplants Online


 You probably shop, pay bills and order pizza online, but you probably never thought of opening up your laptop to find a kidney. As strange a concept as that sounds, OrganJet's new Web service provides exactly that; A way to secure an affordable and fast transplant option from the comfort of your couch.  

OrganJet Corporation announced in a press release today that users can now take advantage of an online tool to find kidney transplant centers that are close to home and have the lowest wait times. In the statement, OrganJet CEO Sridhar Tayur noted that the service is meant to bridge the gap between areas with an excess of usable kidneys and those in dire need of them. The company claims that anywhere from 500 to 2,500 kidneys are wasted per year, and that more than 5,000 patients die annually waiting for one. "There is significant disparity in wait times… ranging from more than 5 years in such areas as NJ, MA, Washington D.C. and CA, while it is half that in such regions as Pittsburgh, PA, Portland, OR, and Madison, Wisconsin," said Tayur. 


Written By: Michael Andronico
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  1. Expecting an article about the commercialisation of organ transplantations I was pleasantly surprised to see this initiative having little to do with that. 500 to 2,500 kidneys wasted on a yearly basis due to poor logistics sounds ridiculous, it’s nice to see something is being done about it.

  2. In reply to #1 by Sjoerd Westenborg:

    Organjet seems to be one-stop-shop taking care of getting you to an available organ at a distant centre that you’ve registered at. I’m not a USA resident but why isn’t UNOS doing this? I can understand why people in need of a kidney want to go somewhere where it’ll happen faster but surely wait times are a function of available surgeons (transplant surgery being a quite specialist even amongst single-body-system surgeons) and available organs. I might also suggest that the long wait times are at the biggest, most experienced centres with the best outcomes.

    Even then, there’s no guarantee that a matching organ will be available even if the surgeon is. There’s only so far you can fly a removed kidney (though studies show you can go quite a long way). Whilst I’m sure some of the kidneys are lost because nobody knows of that one suitable recipient out there, they may just be too far away.

    If this becomes a service to hook-up willing living donors then I fear your expectation of commercialisation may come to pass…(Hope I’m wrong though!)

  3. I’m a teacher. Both my neighbor and I (he’s a banker) are waiting for a kidney. He’ll get his 3 years earlier because he can afford OrganJet and the house in Memphis needed to establish residency. If the problem is inefficient distribution of vital organs, then the solution isn’t to allow rich people to take advantage of that. If you believe at all in morality, then what Organ jet is doing, allowing someone to BUY access to an organ donation and increasing the wait for others, with possibly fatal consequences for other poor schlubs, has to be seen as immoral.

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