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Aug 9, 2013

Dear Sir,
The premise is false. Our so-called modern society in this part of the world is not the least bit intolerant of people without any religious beliefs or faith. Before the last general election in the United Kingdom, the leaders of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Parties went on national televiison to discuss their views – and in the course of one of these debates, the leader of the smallest, namely the Liberal Party, Mr Nick Clegg, did openly say that he was not a man of faith. Yet, at the subsequent election, the Liberal Party achieved much better results than it had for many decades, so that – after a long time away from government – the Liberals are now governing the country in coalition with the Conservatives, and Mr Clegg is our Deputy Prime Minister. In fact, there is absolutely no reason to suggest that being an atheist reduces anybody’s chances to achieve anything in this country, unless of course they’re applying for a job in a church or in some other religious organisation. What’s more, I think it can be safely said that more people will start pulling faces about somebody being a regular churchgoer or regularly attending services of some other religious organisation, than if they hear that a person has no religious beliefs or faith at all. So, if public opinion discriminates agaisnt anybody, then it’s certainly not against atheists or agnostics, but against those, who are actively religious…
Alexander Hamlyn-Hyde

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