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Aug 9, 2013

Dr. Dawkins,
Thank you for caring enough to share your lifetime of hard work with the masses. I daresay I only recently have heard of your good work, though I’m looking forward to a lot of good reading, and viewing.

While I was raised a catholic, I’ve been dubious since a very early age. It seemed to me most people really didn’t believe, they just went along with it for fear of being left out, shunned, or simply clinging to life with the idea of an after-life. However, nothing in religion has reverberated with me like your debates and agruments for education, the scientific method, and evidence based reasoning and logic.

So, I thank science for evolving the internet into existence (forgive my poetic license), for without it, I fear I may have missed your work completely, or worse, my sons may have missed out too. I am now more optimistic about humanity than ever.

It seems to me that your message and work isn’t about you, but it’s too insatiable for you not to involve yourself, to be an advocate of change and education, particularly given the status you have attained. For this, I thank you.

Hopefully, I will get a chance to see you at an event sometime, and maybe lucky enough for a question. One of the toughest parts about watching your debates and lectures online, is I often have a salient question or point, alas it’s just a recording and I have no credentials worthy of a panel seat anyway.

Finally, it was just heartwarming to hear your friendship and love of Douglas Adams and his books. I recall laughing out loud at work reading his books, so much so that co-workers would approach me asking what I could be reading. I would fax pages to friends because I just had to share the comic genius that was Douglas Adams; they just had to read it! I’ve turned people on to Mr. Adams due to the joy he brought me, and now I look forward to sharing the joy of your message with the people most important in my life, my two young sons; I’m ecstatic with the possibility.

PS I just watched a video where you mentioned visiting the Large Hadron Collider and the experience brought you to tears; that humans have come to such a point in understanding, engineering, and cooperation. I didn’t mention this previously, but I often have the same experience upon understanding something new in the beauty of science (your lectures on the development of the eye and the behavior of the cuckoo are two that had me in awe). Science, discovery, and understanding are very emotional experiences, indeed. Such experiences are not exclusive to the realm of faith and religion.

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