Why is there something and not nothing ?

Aug 9, 2013

Discussion by: vince78

Dear all,

There is a thing that I find disturbing in my atheist world view, some kind of "elephant in the room" : why is there something and not nothing ?

This is a topic I would like to discuss here, because I think atheist forum are the only place to have a constructive conversation about this question. In any other place, you are likely to have answers like "there is something and not nothing, therefore God", which are answers that answers nothing.

I think understanding the universe and life is the most important thing you can do. Not only as curiosity (even if this reason you be enough) but also because this understanding will be the root on how we decide to drive our life. I made a lot of efforts for this, I have graduate degrees in chemistry and biology and a PhD in artificial intelligence. I also read a lot about religion, until I read "the selfish gene" and realized most answers were there.

But as much as we get to understand the universe and life, the thing that keeps sliding through our fingers and to which we keep having absolutely no clue is: why there is something ? To put it shortly: we understand "how" better and better, but not "why".

Some people will certainly point out that maybe such question do not even have an answer, either because the answer is not accessible to us, or because this is not a valid question that have valid answers. I am likely to agree with them. But this does not change the fact that I have this feeling to have absolutely no clue of what is going on.
My questions to my fellow atheists is if they also have the feeling to have no clue, if and how this impact their life, how they deal with this and/or if they would have some interesting insight about this topic. I know, I know, a big question for a forum, but I believe this is the best place to have interesting view points.
Thanks in advance for your reflexions on this topic,


ps: I am not an hidden theist messing up with you. I certainly do not want to bring this topic to the angle "science explains how, religion explains why": I assume everybody here knows better.


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