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Aug 6, 2013

Dear Dr. Richard Dawkins
I watched your “The Root of All Evil?”

Very interesting. I share your concerns and agree for the most part with your opinion.

I myself had a girlfriend who is Evangelist. She once asked me if I could see her holy ring shinning around her head at night?!?!

Today I do not only think religion is not necessary and counterproductive but religion is the root of all evil and hatred there is and there was.
I see that all fanaticism leads to intolerance and war. And in a world as ours there should not be any place for backwards looking ideologies that oppress woman and children and wages war against infidels.

I read the bible many times and especially the OT. Fascinating.

I came to the conclusion that the BOOK, Biblio, is an authentic history book. BUT to read it as a history book you have to take out all the interpretation and all the religion and faith. Faith and religion is an artificial filter for the brain to read but stop thinking.
If you read it literally it is a witness of old times.

IMHO, in the old times there were no GODS but advanced people either from here on earth or from somewhere else. They were seen as Gods because of their advancement. But nothing Jahweh did cannot be done by us today and we have NOW words for it too. And I agree, if we should meet him again we have to bring HIM to justice before court for war crime and Nazism! The same shall be done to Allah and his Mohammett.

I always like to think it this way: The creation of man has nothing to do with a God but with an advanced being. Imagine Jahwehs face would have been pictured on the cover of the book or their old scribes.

Is it possible that we were made by others to advance much faster than evolution could have done it? From the cave to the moon in a blink of an eye?? What if the OT is true BUT the Church /Mosque is just a house of power in order to control people? IMHO, the faith and spiritual aspect of the bible was done IN ORDER to subdue people and to establish power and riches. All wars are done in the name of faith and God.
But maybe Jahweh was just a man of flesh and blood?

• Why does a god walk to Sodom and Gomorrah to nuke it? Why he sends agents, angels, when he is almighty?
• Why was he so attracted to the smell of burning flesh and why he ignored Cain only because he made an offering of Cucumbers? Cain got mad and killed Abel. Abel had burning meat offerings.
• Why does he appear in a fire cloud and has to show off for Moses in his flying machine? Same to Muhammett.
• Why and how was Enoch taken for a ride in space? Or Mohammad? And all the others?
• Ezekiel.
• The word ELOHIM in the original Hebrew is ALWAYS the plural form of a group of people!
• Why God often speaks of “one of US”
• Or Why does a God need another name such as Jahweh at all? Jahweh was not a GOD, he was Jahweh the Elohim, translated as Lord Jahweh, but Elohim is plural!!
• Why Jahweh said you shall not have any other gods beside me, if they didn’t exist? He said then, “I am a jealous god, I am the god of Jealousy”!

IMHO the OT, as brutal as it is, has nothing to do with any of the religious cults and clubs, Judaism, Christianity or Islam. It is an old document dating back to the Babylonians and Sumerians where it was taken from. It should be good for archeologists and read literally with our NOWADAY’s logic and understanding. And an open mind.

But leave out the religion! Yahweh or Yehowah (the old Hebrew writing of the Bible only had consonants and said YHWH, you insert the vocals).

Put in Religion you always will find someone who knows what Allah or God wants you to know, to think, or to do. That is the most funniest part of Religion. Mullahs or Priests ALWAYS know what God thinks and declare logical question as heretic .

Could it be that man was created or manipulated? But maybe not by a supergod without face or body but by another being of flesh and blood? And just maybe, the priests at those Sumerian or Babylonian times were given the “knowledge” and they handed it down to the people? Just maybe, if that was true and the other people left or died out or killed themselves in one of those killing wars, maybe the priests inserted more idols, and prayed to symbols for their return and to be heard??? “Oh Lord Almighty, your Kingdom may come and rule the Heavens and the Earth” Is this how the religion was created? Daddy left for good?
I absolutely do not believe that anyone was writing down stories to fool people 8,000 years later. These are stories describing what people really saw and talked about. But also nothing more!

The problem with scientist (especially evolutionists) is that they often also seem to have a very narrow mind and do not want to see beyond established structures. They also have a Bible!
That’s why the problem will not be solved in a logical manner or in accordance with new archeological findings because also science does not want to have an open mind and progress.

Man does not come from Apes either, no missing links ever found, 46 instead of 48 chromosomes, no MtDNA is older than 250,000 years, we don’t have fur, we look totally different and we are sick all the time. We are NOT adapted to any environment. We create our environment. And maybe we got help. There is no other animal on this planet that had any intelligent coming close to us. That should be expected if you go by evolution, no? Or we can go with evolution BUT then we got help to speed up since the rest of the planet is so much behind.

This question is not answered to the satisfaction of all findings (historical writings, biology, archeological findings, sociological discrepancies, leave out religion).

Kind regards, Andrew


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