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Sep 15, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins
I have recently seen a lot of your videos on Youtube, and have started reading your book “the God Delusion”. I am 21 years old and until recently I did not realize what Homeopathy really was until i saw your documentary.

Being alive and healthy and a proud owner of an immune system that was left to fend for itself for 21 years, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Homeopathy is complete nonsense, but I do believe that it is worthy of tax payer’s money!

Hailing from India, I am appalled by some of the local practices. While I am religious, and pray to my Hindu gods, I believe that the Gods in India are much more harmless than the “gurus and saints” who claim to be propagating religion. These gurus have managed to find a perfect blend of a little bit of science, some religion and spirituality, and all lot of fiction ( and maybe even drugs?!! ), and have designed an apparently foolproof system to trick an deceive weak minded people. While I believe in the calming effect of yoga, its the Yoga gurus I have a problem with. I am a little cynical towards claims that washing an old man’s feet and underwear will bring me inner peace. Sadly there are still educated members of the society who believe this with utmost sincerity.

Its depressing that some people in my country still believe that marrying donkeys brings rainfall and marrying 13 year old virgin girls, extends your life span.People who make ludicrous claims such as making a virgin run naked around a village will not bring rainfall, are being murdered ! ( I am sure you heard about the assassination of Narendra Dabholkar )

I do not know if you will be visiting India anytime soon, but someone like you is exactly what this country needs. I have no hope that the politicians in my country have any interest in propagating the voice of reason, as most of their electoral campaigns are founded on the ignorance of the masses.

You should make a documentary about these Yoga Gurus and the so called God Men in India and find out how they have managed to capture the attention of educated masses. It is a fact that still bewilders me ! Maybe you can rescue a few thousand people who have thrown away their careers and their education, to become unpaid laundry men and servant maids.

Finally I would like to say thank you, because being the voice of reason is probably the most thankless job on the planet.


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