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Sep 19, 2013

An open letter for all.
First I want to thank every single individual, alive or dead. All that is or has been done, every opinion and action, discussion or debate, positive or negative will guide the world onwards. Towards good or bad, now that’s another question…

A few opinions of mine:

1. Religion: A relic from the history trying to explain things and phenomens that were not understood or explained at the time. Things you can’t explain can sometimes be scary. You don’t want to be afraid, now do you?
Later religion was found to be a good way of controlling people who don’t know or are too lazy to find out the facts. Or people who NEED FRIENDS. You know, the ones that are feeling afraid or alone. Humans are social animals. One of our basic needs is a need to be a part of a team or a group for company, protection and/or just for good times. And religious communities are an easy option; they accept everybody. No need to go meet strangers, for example your neighbours. And no need to actually care for others. You are a member, that’s it. What ever you do, you will be saved…

Humans are not so good in lying, but we suck in noticing when we are lied to.

I’m not going to say anything about ‘inherited religion’. too much text, no time.

But are there good things to be said about faith and religion?

You might be disgusted about homosexuality. But what you don’t like is not to be banned from those who like it.

Same goes with religion. What people do in their private time is totally their own business.

But what if you meet someone with ideas, rules or models to live by that are not suitable into your life or preferences? And that someone tries to force or trick you to accept his/hers ideas? About sexuality? Infrastructure? Religion? or atheism?

Religion does not belong to goverment level. it would be like mixing imaginary things with reality. Epic mistake.

An idea: Let’s keep religion as a private hobby. Many people without frends, work or trust in the future do get some strength from it to carry on.

If someone want’s to know things about religion, he can find the information.

I wish I had more time. Maybe later.
Thank you and keep up the good work.
Woodwolf, Finland

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