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Sep 15, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,
I was raised as a Roman Catholic and spent many years serving in the church as an Altar Boy and in various other capacities. I never questioned the existence of God or the teaching of the church until I was confronted with the sexual perversion that is so pervasive in that institution. I began to question everything and started studying the worlds various religions. The more I learned the more I questioned. Then I attended college and majored in Biology. Wow…The light went on. There is a real and observable reason for our existence.
I was assigned your book the Selfish Gene while in my 3rd year of school. Being an assigned book, and not one that I chose to read, I took in the necessary information to pass the test, but did not read any of your later books until finding a YouTube Debate between yourself and John Lennox. I was fascinated. I have since watched many debates and read all of your books which led me to your web site and to the RDF.
I kept my doubts and questions to myself not wanting to stand out or damage my career. Watching your debates and your brave stance against the over whelming power of the world’s religions gave me the courage to let my true beliefs “out of the closet”. Thank you for taking the fight into the public eye and giving people like me the push we needed to step up and voice our opinions.


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