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Sep 15, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,
I have read your book, The God Delusion – actually I am reading it a second time because I like it so much. Your writing is inspiring to say the least.

I am a medical student who was raised catholic. I believed all its doctrines up until high school, when I found the courage to question them. My love for science likely played a part. Although I attended a catholic grade school, I was lucky to have a science teacher who believed that evolution was appropriate for the classroom. It is a shame that here in the U.S. many children are not so lucky.

I want to thank you for everything you have done, but in particular, of raising awareness of the alarmingly high pressure of intelligent design to be taught in public schools in the U.S. Children should be taught how to think critically, not what to think, especially if it is such scientifically ignorant nonsense.

Your book has done much for me, too much to list here. I do want to mention a few ways however. It finally extinguished my lingering fear of fully denying god’s existence and the consequent eternal hell of doing so. It was a fear deeply planted into my psyche by my religious upbringing. I am free now. I literally feel as though I can think without restraint for the first time, and to the surprise of believers I am sure, I still have my morals. I also still have plenty of meaning in my life. Discovery of the natural world and all its marvelous workings fills that need to excess. Also, your book made me aware of how our apparently modern society is really not so modern. It is a shame that many citizens have the beliefs that prevailed during the dark ages. If nothing is done about it, we risk regressing back to that age. After the first read of your book, I still held the belief that religion may be false but the moderate ones like that of my family cause no harm. Now being on my second read, I am convinced that religion needs doing away with.

Please keep doing what you are doing. It is you that is doing the greatest work. It is time to abandon archaic religious superstitions and the worship of ancient books of fairy tales.
Alex of Illinois

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