Creationist Ken Ham Slams Bill Nye: ‘Science Guy’ Doesn’t ‘Understand Science Correctly’

Sep 20, 2013

Bill Nye has built his career on making scientific concepts accessible to the public. But according to a well-known creationist, the beloved "Science Guy" doesn't really getthe subject.

“Bill Nye still doesn’t understand the difference between historical science and observational science — so he may be known as ‘Bill Nye the science guy’ — but he doesn’t understand science correctly,” Ken Ham wrote on Facebook. "[Bill Maher and Nye] don't want the truth — they continue to 'suppress the truth' as the Bible states in Romans 1 about such people in rebellion against God."


Ham, president/CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis-U.S. and the Creation Museum, made the comments on Tuesday while criticizing a recent appearance by Nye on Maher’s HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Written By: Meredith Bennett-Smith
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    Matthew Lehman says:

    Ken Hamm has got to be aware on some deep, suppressed level, that he is going to go down in history as a symbol of being not only wrong, but embarrassingly wrong in his attempts at refuting science in the name of his dogma. Still… cashing the checks from all the fools who frequent his little pretend museum must ease the pain.

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    Blasphemyman says:

    A very accomplished promoter of science criticised by a mountebank creationist.
    It’s the sort of thing that could provide material for very comical satire.
    There was an occasion many years ago when Ken Ham appeared by video on a BBC unexpectedly.
    Reading Prof Steve Jones’ lips he appeared to say “Who the fuck invited this twat!”(it was something like that )

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  • So Romans(1:18) is about people who look at nature and ignore God’s “invisible attributes”. It(St Paul) calls them fools and suppressors of truth. However by Romans(1:26) God curses them all to be gay and they all become gay. St Paul lowest common denominator abuse. And lets face it all scientists are not homosexual so the bible is disproved again.

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  • 6
    Alan4discussion says:

    Ham by name and ham by act and nature – Once again Hammy demonstrates that he can listen to scientists and learn nothing!

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    Christiana Magdalene Moodley says:

    …And so it was in those days that the Lord God, happily looking down on murder, rape and starvation in Darkest Africa,rose to get a drink.Sipping from a glass of Holy Spirit,he cast a glance at North America,and beheld His righteous servant Ham,blubbering on his knees.The Lord listened for a while,stroking his white beard,Hmmm,he thought, Science. Infidels, gays, abortions, not good, not good at all.Gotta do something.Begad, if only I still had my pre- Science power,I’d smite these accursed people left and right.What to do..what to do..Oh!! I know I’ll build a Creation Museum! Of course I don’t have the know how.I’ll sneakily use the technology provided by Science and my dear little lambs won’t see the irony of that.

    And lo,it was done just as the lord commanded.And the people marvelled greatly and did not think at all.And the lord blessed Ham, and gave unto him in great abundance.

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  • 9
    Jos Gibbons says:

    Nye still doesn’t understand the difference between historical science and observational science

    Nye knows the difference; he also knows it doesn’t mean the former is invalid. Has Ham never heard of forensics?

    [Maher & Nye] continue to ‘suppress the truth’ as the Bible states in Romans 1 about such people in rebellion against God

    So “Bible is right because Bible says so”. Nope, not good enough.

    Do we start with man’s ideas about the past, who wasn’t here during the supposed billions of years of Earth history, or do we start with the Bible — the written revelation of the eyewitness account of the eternal God who created it all?

    How do any humans know that’s what the Bible is? Did anyone see God seeing it?

    Rather than being inconsistent as Bill Nye states, observational science confirms the literal history and genesis

    So was the order of creation literally the one given in Genesis 1, or literally the one given in Genesis 2? The two are inconsistent.

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  • 10
    Stevehill says:

    If Ham is quoting Romans 1 he is presumably saying (as the Bible does) that these people “deserve death”.

    I think that tells us everything we could ever wish to know about Fuckwit Ham, does it not?

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  • 11
    Dreamweaver says:

    The Bible gives the idea that the Earth is a few thousand years old and all creatures were created at the same time. Scientific procedures can tell the age of “things”, and, so far, the oldest “human” remains were dated at about a few hundred thousand years old and there is fossil evidence of creatures a lot older than that, like the usual suspects, dinosaurs. Therefore, the hypothesis given by the Bible is proven false. Now, I’m no methodology expert, but this looks scientific to me.

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  • 16
    ZenDruid says:

    I suppose Hamaroo still thinks that all science is obtained through pure induction, such as what Aristotle tried back then… and the cheap storyteller that he is, he actually believes he has something to say on the subject.

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  • Bible has proved itself a work of fiction. It is not even an accurate informal historical record. Science observes what is in front of it. Creationists consult ancient speculation.

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  • 19
    achromat666 says:

    Creationist Ken Ham Slams Bill Nye: ‘Science Guy’ Doesn’t ‘Understand Science Correctly’

    Says the evangelist that doesn’t understand science at all.

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  • 22
    Zeuglodon says:

    A guy accuses someone else of not understanding how science works because his ancient book of magic tells him the truth will be suppressed in a conspiracy cooked up by haters.

    Yeah, there’s no way to make that sound good. I almost feel sorry for this guy, and for what he’s missing out on. The way he digs himself deeper is practically a real-life tragicomedy.

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  • 26
    Len Walsh says:

    In reply to #24 by DragonTech:

    But the majority of evolutionists are pro-gay because they see nothing wrong with being gay.

    Only ignorant bigots imagine that there’s something wrong with being gay.

    That’s because they fear science.

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