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Only wears a toga at weekends

An Appetite For Wonder contains no mention of Dawkins’s real father Zeus, who shaped him from the very ground and gave him life by summoning a thunderbolt from the heavens.

Zeus said: “It’s true that I wasn’t always around for him when I was a kid, and perhaps I did dally with other mortal women in the form of a bull but I was very stressed at work.

“But I gave him the Pegasus on his 17th birthday, and did I get any thanks?

“No, I got some lecture about how a horse with wings was a childish idea from a primitive belief system and completely invalidated theories of genetic drift.”

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  1. smear campaign…sacrificing goats again


    In the name of Odin, revoke author(s) poetic license.

  2. Don’t believe a word of this…..I know for a fact that Dawkins was born in Africa, thus he was created by Anansi the spider. He was spun from a web and is now the trickster God in the flesh.

    (But he could have also been created by Ngai, Enkai, Akuj, Mulungu or Mungu — not sure which one though.)

  3. If Richard were the son of Zeus then why would he be wearing a toga at weekends? The toga was a very specific and definitively Roman garment (they even called themselves the “gens togata” the toga-wearing people), while Zeus was a Greek god. It’d be like saying Richard was secretly American but only waves the Japanese flag on weekends. Does. Not. Make. Sense.

    Also, the toga was incredibly uncomfortable formal wear. Everyone complained about wearing it, especially in high summer. If the Romans had had weekends (they didn’t) they would almost certainly have taken the opportunity to get out of their togas and wear something more comfortable.

  4. Huh ! Mount Olympus, – no bloody Zeus there ! Mind you I did bump into Dionysus on the way down. A very pleasant experience. It made up for not meeting Beethoven or Mozart on the slopes !

  5. He wore a toga because he was created by Zeus after he entered witness protection and became Jupiter.

  6. Evidently I was created by the god “booze” and if i were an american indian, my name would have been “broken rubber”.

  7. No one made him. I ‘spect he just growed’ as Topsy in Uncle Tom’s Cabin said. For an uneducated slave girl, she was wiser than a lot of educated adults.

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